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DDG is a management consulting firm rooted in the philosophy of delivering exceptional results for your company through human-minded qualities and in-depth analytical capabilities. At DDG, we believe there are no quick fixes. We strive to work side-by-side with you to create actionable, bespoke, and differentiated solutions suited for your dynamic business environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Go above and beyond in understanding our stakeholders to develop dynamic, focused, and practical solutions

Our Vision

Our Vision

Empower inspirational transformation in people and organizations through committed relationships and relentless pursuit of excellence



Mario L. De Diego is DDG Consulting Group’s CEO and principal consultant. During his decade-long trajectory, Mario has assisted clients in the automotive, construction and engineering, financial services, media and telecommunications, and software sectors in complex strategic, operational and technology projects.


Prior to founding DDG Consulting Group, Mario held important positions in SAP, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Grupo Corporativo Perez (Toyota).

Mario has a B.S. in Business Administration from Saint Joseph’s University, MBA from EGADE Business School, and a Master of Advanced Management from Yale School of Management.


DDG’s differentiated value proposition is rooted in four pillars that drive all our efforts in the creation and delivery of services and solutions. These four pillars are deep-rooted in every single project to obtain a comprehensive perspective of the impact of potential strategic actions and operational transformations.


Our all-encompassing pillars allow us to understand your situation from various viewpoints, anticipate counteractions from your opponents or stakeholders, and quantify the potential cost-benefit of your actions.


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Visualization of multiple perspectives for each problem and solution to gain insights on the factors that impact your business, clients, and stakeholders.


Game Theory

Delivery of comprehensive strategies and outcomes based on multiple business scenarios focused on potential counter-strategies by your competitors.



Quantitatively-backed analysis drive the conceptualization of solutions and recommendations for your short, medium, and long term outlook.



All our services and solutions are based on ethical and sustainability practices.


Our portfolio of services is comprised of a wide-array of capabilities, centered around our client’s most
important needs.


Project Management

Plan and execute projects with a structured method aimed at managing and achieving your individual and collective results.


Corporate Strategy

Development and management of corporate guidelines, objectives, and initiatives for sustainable growth and effective transformation.

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Business Process Management

Comprehensive analysis, redefinition and management of processes for efficient operations, effective integration, and customer satisfaction.


Analytics & Financial Management

In-depth analysis of key operational and financial aspects for decision making process.


Human Capital Strategy

Definition and alignment of strategic initiatives with the most crucial asset of your company – your people.


Digital and Information Service

Plan and implementation management of technological solutions and digital strategy.


Business Process Management

Benchmarking operations and processes of investment department.

Corporate Strategy

Sales strategy for family-owned real estate property with USD100MM valuation.

Analytics & Financial Management

Analysis of business ventures opportunities of investment portfolio with ~USD1bn valuation.

Corporate Strategy

Game theory situational analysis for technology startup (divestment vs business continuation)


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